Rent to buy pianos

Looking for a piano hire service in Inverness?
Look no further and contact Loch Ness Pianos for piano rentals in Inverness-shire and across the UK.

Rent-to-buy scheme

At Loch Ness Pianos, we stock a large range of carefully chosen quality pianos. Every second-hand piano in our show room is professionally set up and tuned by our own in-house team, ensuring that it plays as well as ever. We also have a range of pianos that are not the prettiest but are very sound and cheap.

From Loch Ness Pianos, you can rent a piano for 6 months at £50 per month plus £100 returnable deposit.

After 6 months you can either purchase it (or a different one) or return it.

If you keep it, all the paid instalments are deducted from the price.

If you decide against purchasing the piano after 6 months, we will collect it and deduct £50 from the deposit.

Try before you buy!

The rent-to-buy scheme is very popular with parents who are not sure of their child’s continued interest in learning to play the piano. This is why we always suggest you to try it before you buy it. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Call Loch Ness Pianos on 01463 861 317 or contact us below.